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"UNBOXED" Teddy Bear - My Guardian Angel

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Product Details
Brand: Enchanting Angels
MPN: EA00000

"My Guardian" Angel Teddy Bear

Exclusively Designed in Australia Enchanting Angels handmade "My Guardian" Angel Teddy Bear is adorned with an Amethyst crystal, a beautiful stone of protection and an effective healer of most conditions offering you unconditional protection, a Guardian by your side watching over you through life.

Please note at this price, your Guardian Angel comes "unboxed" however will still have the same information attached. This option offers less expensive shipping rates due to the reduced weight without the outer white box.

Amethyst Crystal

The Amethyst crystal is the crystal of master healing and a semi-precious stone known to stimulate and soothe the mind and our emotions, providing protection and assisting with many conditions. Both adults and children truly believe that after cuddling their Angel Teddy Bear, the crystals energy helps them to feel better.

For children, a teddy bear is your childs best friend. Teddy bears have been proven to encourage children to read and nurture better sleeping patterns. This affection often carries on to adulthood making teddy bears an invaluable life companion.

"My Guardian" Angel Teddy Bear is the perfect gift for any Angel in your life. A lifelong keepsake to guard and watch over them.

Enchanting Angels products are trademarked and subject to copyright internationally.

(Box Dimensions: 175mm x 170mm x 350mm) - This product does not come in the white box
Teddy Bear Length: 32cm
Teddy Bear Material: Polyester fibre fur
Additions: Natural Stone which may vary in colour and tone

Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt providing the goods are returned as sold, undamaged, and returned complete with all undamaged packaging and labels attached.

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